Links I Want To Eat: January 30

Just so lovely
Just so lovely

Links I Want to Eat: December 19

Christmas in new places, celebrating old places
Christmas in new places, celebrating old places
  • I always love new salad ideas
  • Korean soy-braised beef. A thousand times yes
  • Healthy+spicy+asian= my sweet spot
  • Challah always seemed intimidating to bake, but this recipe has me thinking I should try it out, and then make this with a few of the slices
  • I’m a southern girl, and I love creamy dips with all my heart. Most vegan versions I’ve found have some sort of nut base, but this vegan kale and artichoke dip doesn’t and looks so promising
  • Let’s make this spicy sesame sauce and put it on EVERYTHING
  • Panettone is tasty, and while I’m not sure I want to make it, this recipe makes me reconsider. Also, love the idea of baking in big cans for personal loaves
  • This taiwanese meat sauce looks so delicious, especially if I made it with these eggs, since josh hates hardboiled eggs with a deep passion
  • David Chang hates turkey, so his mom makes braised short ribs every Thanksgiving. I can’t say I hate the idea
  • I don’t tend to find slow-cooker recipes to be very exciting, but I think it’s brilliant to use one to poach a chicken, and this recipe looks so full of flavor that I think I need to try it

Links I Want to Eat: November 14

Someone has found the warm spots in the new house
Someone has found the warm spots in the new house
  • SPAM + mac and cheese. Need I say more?
  • Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton is one of my favorite food memoirs ever, and here’s a lovely interview with Gabrielle and a recipe for her chicken braised in hard cider.  Her restaurant, Prune, in NYC is excellent, and her new cookbook is going on my Christmas list. I might be a fan
  • We’re huge fans of Chinese food, and now that we no longer have easy access to delivery, this recipe for velvet Chinese chicken with broccoli will need to be made ASAP
  • A salad of shaved brussels sprouts, with meyer lemon and dried cherries, tossed in bacon fat? Sign me up
  • Joy always makes me want to bake, and these pumpkin salted caramel thumbprint cookies are no exception
  • After successfully making focaccia over the summer, I feel confident enough to branch out into other varieties. This sweet and savory version, with apricot jam, onions and fennel sounds weird enough to be delicious
  • Now that Josh has easy access to a kitchen at his new job, we’ve thought about expanding our lunches to occasionally include hot options. We both love the idea of a baked potato bar situation (regular for him, sweet for me), and a topping like this one would be tasty and healthy all week
  • I have mixed feelings about chia seeds, but these raw PB&J bars look delicious enough to intrigue me. We could easily sub in sunflower seed butter
  • Socca is a complete mystery to me, but this recipe for socca topped with zesty collard greens looks good enough that I might track down some chickpea flour to try it out
  • Years ago, I made The Pioneer Woman’s prune cake, and it was delicious. This date cake from Smitten Kitchen looks dangerously similar. Perfect winter dessert? I think so

Links I Want To Eat: October 24

The cat and I have different ideas on how the boxes should be used
The cat and I have different ideas on how the boxes should be used
  • A kale and brussels sprout salad. Need I say more?
  • Our favorite coffee shop made BLTs this summer that poems should be written about. Once of the special things they do is use a harissa mayonnaise, so now I need to make this harissa and start my own experiments
  • Roasted chicken with figs and grapes sounds kind of perfect for fall
  • I never fry things, but I love a good oven baked buffalo wing. Never thought to use sriracha as the hot sauce base. Yes please
  • Pho is comfort food, pure and simple. I haven’t found my ultimate base recipe yet, so I think this recipe is one to try soon
  • So many vegan dips and sauces feature a nut based alternative, which doesn’t work for us, but this ranch-like dip is made from silken tofu!

Links I Want to Eat: October 10

Exploring new parts of our neighborhood. Hello, Cloisters.
Exploring new parts of our neighborhood. Hello, Cloisters.
  • These apple honey muffins look like they’d be the perfect breakfast, especially considering they contain a nice splash of whiskey
  • Along those same lines, this apple honey cake is absolutely gorgeous. I want to have people over for dinner just for an excuse to make it
  • With cold weather coming, this brisket and onions cooked in the slow cooker sounds so cozy
  • Our waffle iron is currently in storage in TN, so I’ll be dreaming of latke waffles until I can retrieve it
  • I tend to hold to the “low and slow” method of cooking eggs, but cooking them crazy fast in blistering oil to produce a crunchy bottom sounds so dang intriguing
  • When we were in Hawaii, we ate a lot of SPAM rolls. This version looks slightly lighter, or at least a little fancier
  • It’s squash season! I want to eat a giant pan of sweet and sour roasted delicata!
  • I’m always on the hunt for a good pumpkin bread, and Joy’s recipes never fail. Love the addition of black pepper and orange juice
  • Coq au vin always sounds delicious, and like a lot of work (or at the very least, time). This weeknight version might need to be made soon
  • Joy does it again with cinnamon sugar popovers. In a muffin tin. I NEED THESE NOW
  • With the holidays coming up (!), I think I’ll be trying to make this chocolate babka for gifts. One loaf for them, one loaf for us…

Links I Want to Eat: September 19

Enjoying the Met
Enjoying the Met
  • This looks like a perfect, easy dinner. Now to buy some udon and find some dashi powder
  • Crispy curried chicken would be soooo good on a salad
  • I love salt and vinegar chips, and I love roasted chickpeas, so this blend of the two could be dangerous
  • Tonkatsu is one of Josh’s comfort foods, and I love the idea of putting it in a salad roll
  • I had to set aside my yeast challenge due to some dang carpal tunnel issues, but this list makes me want to start it back up again
  • Before I start the yeast challenge back up, I want to try my hand at these apple pie biscuits
  • We spent our honeymoon in Scotland, and thoroughly enjoyed eating countless homemade scones (with clotted cream for me). I’d love to see if this recipe can compare to the ones we had
  • I trust Joy, and I love weird flavor combos that involve salty, sweet, spicy, so this crazy popcorn mix looks just weird enough to be insanely delicious

Links I Want To Eat: August 29

Colors of summer, from the roof of the Met
Colors of summer, from the roof of the Met
  • We don’t tend to eat much eggplant, but this smoky eggplant dip looks worth trying
  • I love the snack series that Tracy on Shutterbean does, and now I’d like to eat a big bowl of bananas, yogurt, and lemon curd
  • Pretty sure that the only thing that could make homemade cinnamon rolls more dangerous is the addition of marshmallows, and now all I can think about are these s’mores cinnamon rolls(!!!)
  • I’m Southern, and Josh is Hawaiian Chinese (and grew up in southeast Asia), so these rice hoecakes with succotash are kind of us on a plate. They also would have fit perfectly into our wedding Southern/Asian fusion menu
  • Pocky is one of our favorite snacks, and I’m very tempted to make homemade pocky based on this recipe. Anyone know how to make homemade Hello Pandas?
  • How many versions of carrot soup is too many versions? Don’t care, because this jalapeño carrot soup from Joy the Baker looks delicious, though we’d definitely be switching out some coconut milk for the cashew cream

Happy Labor Day weekend to all my fellow Americans!

Links I Want to Eat: July 25


photo (12)
The best ice cream in the world: Jeni’s. Go find the goat cheese and red cherries flavor

Links I Want to Eat: July 18

Trying to enjoy summer while I can. Will not think of winter. Will not think of winter...
Trying to enjoy summer while I can. Will not think of winter. Will not think of winter…
  • Homemade Shake Shack Burgers. You’re welcome
  • I still have a batch of pizza dough, so maybe this version with corn, tomatoes, and shishito peppers will happen soon
  • Focaccia would make an excellent addition to my yeast project, and I can think of so many ways to use it in a week
  • This spicy vegetarian tortilla soup looks delicious and easy.
  • I’m southern, and I love pimento cheese. I want to make this and then make some grilled pimento cheese and tomato sandwiches. Yes.
  • Making my own salmon gravlax isn’t something that has ever crossed my mind, but this recipe shows that it’s so easy to do at home.
  • I love strawberry water, so that’s where most of my strawberry stems are going these days. i might have to save my next batch for some strawberry vinegar though! Cherry pits apparently work well too, so I could easily make strawberry water and cherry vinegar at the same time. Win!
  • Peach cobbler cinnamon rolls. I think that sums it up.

Links I Want To Eat: July 11

Slow roasted tomatoes with garlic oil and rosemary: before and after
Slow roasted tomatoes with garlic oil and rosemary: before and after
  • These sesame chicken wings look so delicious and easy
  • I need someone to make these cocktail snow cones immediately
  • This amazing cookbook (available in a free PDF) is based on the average SNAP (food stamps) benefits. It’s full of healthy, delicious, and extremely affordable meals, and I love it
  • The hardest thing about this list of pies is deciding which one to make first
  • The pie decision becomes even more overwhelming when you consider eating pie for breakfast. If it has fruit, it’s healthy
  • A bruschetta bar would be so perfect for a party. Or a Monday night at home. No judgement
  • I used to make candied bacon with brown sugar and cayenne, and now I really need to try this maple and sriracha version
  • These spicy tuna cakes would be so easy to make on the weekend and reheat through the week for breakfast