Links I Want To Eat: August 29

Colors of summer, from the roof of the Met
Colors of summer, from the roof of the Met
  • We don’t tend to eat much eggplant, but this smoky eggplant dip looks worth trying
  • I love the snack series that Tracy on Shutterbean does, and now I’d like to eat a big bowl of bananas, yogurt, and lemon curd
  • Pretty sure that the only thing that could make homemade cinnamon rolls more dangerous is the addition of marshmallows, and now all I can think about are these s’mores cinnamon rolls(!!!)
  • I’m Southern, and Josh is Hawaiian Chinese (and grew up in southeast Asia), so these rice hoecakes with succotash are kind of us on a plate. They also would have fit perfectly into our wedding Southern/Asian fusion menu
  • Pocky is one of our favorite snacks, and I’m very tempted to make homemade pocky based on this recipe. Anyone know how to make homemade Hello Pandas?
  • How many versions of carrot soup is too many versions? Don’t care, because this jalapeño carrot soup from Joy the Baker looks delicious, though we’d definitely be switching out some coconut milk for the cashew cream

Happy Labor Day weekend to all my fellow Americans!

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