Links I Want to Eat: December 19

Christmas in new places, celebrating old places
Christmas in new places, celebrating old places
  • I always love new salad ideas
  • Korean soy-braised beef. A thousand times yes
  • Healthy+spicy+asian= my sweet spot
  • Challah always seemed intimidating to bake, but this recipe has me thinking I should try it out, and then make this with a few of the slices
  • I’m a southern girl, and I love creamy dips with all my heart. Most vegan versions I’ve found have some sort of nut base, but this vegan kale and artichoke dip doesn’t and looks so promising
  • Let’s make this spicy sesame sauce and put it on EVERYTHING
  • Panettone is tasty, and while I’m not sure I want to make it, this recipe makes me reconsider. Also, love the idea of baking in big cans for personal loaves
  • This taiwanese meat sauce looks so delicious, especially if I made it with these eggs, since josh hates hardboiled eggs with a deep passion
  • David Chang hates turkey, so his mom makes braised short ribs every Thanksgiving. I can’t say I hate the idea
  • I don’t tend to find slow-cooker recipes to be very exciting, but I think it’s brilliant to use one to poach a chicken, and this recipe looks so full of flavor that I think I need to try it

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