Meal Plan: April 17-April 23

Every week we make a meal plan for the week ahead. The plan accounts for 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches (plus fruit or vegetables), 4 snacks, and 5 dinners each for the two of us. Lunches are typically a double batch of whatever the recipe calls for. We make the lunches and do other prep work on Sunday. Nearly all items are purchased from either our local farmers market or Whole Foods. We live in Cincinnati, OH.

Homemade Spam musubi. Yes, I married a Hawaiian
Homemade Spam musubi. Yes, I married a Hawaiian

April 17-April 23

Our meal plan was a little off last week because we spent four glorious days in Nashville, so I wound up not posting anything. Guys, springtime in Tennessee is just glorious. I am a Tennessee girl through and through.

This week’s plan was a bit of a “what do we have in the pantry/freezer” menu due to the fact that we really needed to restock some pantry staples. It’s always a bit of a bummer to spend so much on such basic things, but it was nice to get so many of them knocked out at once without going over budget. Also, if you’re a Whole Foods shopper, you should download the app and check out the coupons. They scan them right from your phone, and a few have actually been right in line with what we were planning on buying. One week even had $5 off any combination of produce that was over $20. Since at least half our budget is spent on produce, that was no problem for us. Hey Whole Foods: more coupons for fresh things! Cool, thanks.




  • Chopped pineapple and mango 


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