Links I Want to Eat: September 19

Enjoying the Met
Enjoying the Met
  • This looks like a perfect, easy dinner. Now to buy some udon and find some dashi powder
  • Crispy curried chicken would be soooo good on a salad
  • I love salt and vinegar chips, and I love roasted chickpeas, so this blend of the two could be dangerous
  • Tonkatsu is one of Josh’s comfort foods, and I love the idea of putting it in a salad roll
  • I had to set aside my yeast challenge due to some dang carpal tunnel issues, but this list makes me want to start it back up again
  • Before I start the yeast challenge back up, I want to try my hand at these apple pie biscuits
  • We spent our honeymoon in Scotland, and thoroughly enjoyed eating countless homemade scones (with clotted cream for me). I’d love to see if this recipe can compare to the ones we had
  • I trust Joy, and I love weird flavor combos that involve salty, sweet, spicy, so this crazy popcorn mix looks just weird enough to be insanely delicious

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