Hi, and welcome to the food related ramblings of a girl with a guy’s name! My name is Allyn, and I currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my husband Josh and our ninja cat, Minerva. I love to cook, eat, and travel so that I can eat some more.

In 2012, I started making weekly meal plans for us as a way to get a better handle on where our money was going, and to keep us eating healthier and a little more seasonally. Josh has food allergies (most cow products and nuts), so it also gave me a better framework for trying new recipes and methods. After having several friends and family members ask for access to my various food related Google Docs, I decided to start putting the content online.

This is where we figure it all out.


7 thoughts on “Me

  1. I read your comment concerning your husbands dairy/lactose perhaps intolerance. I would love to enjoy key lime pie, but, the condensed milk is a killer even if I only have one bite and take lactase tablets. You being a food expert, what do you think of some substitutes like maybe coconut milk or almond milk? Stu Borken My odd name for the site comes from my success in getting the recipe for the Nankin’s chicken chow mein. I make it once a year for 40 people and do not share the recipe except with my kitchen assistant.


    1. I’ve yet to attempt a dairy free key lime pie, but I have heard of people using cream of coconut or making their own sweetened condensed milk with coconut milk, sugar, and vanilla. I think that’s the route I’ll go soon! Fingers crossed!


  2. I have cream of coconut on hand and lots of limes (I always expect guests to request gin and tonics or vodka with a twist of lime, but that never happens). I’ll save the recipe and give it a try.


  3. I just discovered your site here as I was lead by searching for Pho recepies. I’m excited to try some of your recipes, especially the meal plans. What a great idea!!

    (in California)


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