Links I Want to Eat: November 14

Someone has found the warm spots in the new house
Someone has found the warm spots in the new house
  • SPAM + mac and cheese. Need I say more?
  • Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton is one of my favorite food memoirs ever, and here’s a lovely interview with Gabrielle and a recipe for her chicken braised in hard cider.  Her restaurant, Prune, in NYC is excellent, and her new cookbook is going on my Christmas list. I might be a fan
  • We’re huge fans of Chinese food, and now that we no longer have easy access to delivery, this recipe for velvet Chinese chicken with broccoli will need to be made ASAP
  • A salad of shaved brussels sprouts, with meyer lemon and dried cherries, tossed in bacon fat? Sign me up
  • Joy always makes me want to bake, and these pumpkin salted caramel thumbprint cookies are no exception
  • After successfully making focaccia over the summer, I feel confident enough to branch out into other varieties. This sweet and savory version, with apricot jam, onions and fennel sounds weird enough to be delicious
  • Now that Josh has easy access to a kitchen at his new job, we’ve thought about expanding our lunches to occasionally include hot options. We both love the idea of a baked potato bar situation (regular for him, sweet for me), and a topping like this one would be tasty and healthy all week
  • I have mixed feelings about chia seeds, but these raw PB&J bars look delicious enough to intrigue me. We could easily sub in sunflower seed butter
  • Socca is a complete mystery to me, but this recipe for socca topped with zesty collard greens looks good enough that I might track down some chickpea flour to try it out
  • Years ago, I made The Pioneer Woman’s prune cake, and it was delicious. This date cake from Smitten Kitchen looks dangerously similar. Perfect winter dessert? I think so

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