Corn Zucchini Lime Pizza


Photos after dark- not so great.

This pizza was so good! It was covered with corn, zucchini, red onions, jalapenos, cilantro, goat cheese, and lime juice. I always love a pizza with unusual toppings, and these just worked so well together. It tasted like summer, and considering how much I love summer, that is quite the compliment.

This is the second pizza dough I’ve made this summer in my yeast challenge, and not only was it a lot faster and easier to make than the last batch (though I did need to add a little extra water), I think we really wound up preferring the flavor and texture as well. The crust was so nice and crunchy, and incredibly easy to work with after it rose. Also, one batch of dough is enough for two large pizzas, which means I have a pizza crust sitting in my freezer right now, just waiting to be cooked. Now I’m brainstorming toppings for next week.

You can find the pizza recipe here at Shutterbean. Our only modification was to use goat cheese instead of the other cheeses she has listed. Either way, it’s going to be delicious!

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