Salty Honey Pie



While this summer was all about yeast, and my love for it will continue to grow (as yeast does so well), I thought that pies might be a fun little project this winter. I mean, what’s more cozy than pie?

This pie… this pie is what the southern classic chess pie wishes it could be. A simple sweet pie is the foundation, but with the addition of a vanilla bean, honey, and a generous sprinkling of flaky sea salt, it’s  just taken to a whole other glorious level.

While I, wretch that I am, cheated and went with a store-bought crust this time, I will absolutely make the crust from scratch next time, as I’m sure that the pie even is more heavenly with tons of buttery, flaky goodness

The recipe, and all of her pie crust technique, can be found on Joy the Baker’s website.

I’m thinking it might even need to replace pumpkin pie on our Thanksgiving table.


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