A Half Bushel of Peaches

Note: My dear friend and former roommate Lauren is talking today about one of her new favorite products, and I think I might have to go buy some myself! Check it out here

Last Saturday, we bought a half of a bushel of peaches from The Peach Truck, AKA the best peaches you can possibly buy if you don’t live in Georgia.

In case you were wondering, that is a LOT of peaches.

While we were planning on eating a lot of peaches straight up, I knew that there was no way we could eat them fast enough to keep them from going bad, so this week has been spent finding various ways to cook/preserve them.


1) Bourbon peach hand pies– I used a 4 inch cutter, and we ate 3 of these beauties before putting the rest (unbaked) into the freezer for many rainy days in the future. Huge sense of victory from successfully tackling pie crust!


2) Peach butter– I added some vanilla bean infused bourbon to this batch, and did the full water bath canning process (for the first time!)

3) Peach sauce– So yeah… that’s a link to the same recipe as the butter. I wanted to see if I could make the recipe in a slow cooker (without the bourbon), and after cooking all day, it wasn’t nearly at a butter consistency, but had thickened enough that I was afraid it would burn if left cooking overnight, so I went ahead and canned it all as a really delicious peach sauce. I’m sure we’ll have no trouble coming up with ways to use it

4) Peach simple syrup– I used the microwave method because I really wanted that vibrant fresh peach color and flavor. This went into the refrigerator and will be added to cocktails, sparkling water, and whatever else I can find for months to come

5) Peach thyme sorbet- recipe to come!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

6) White Chocolate Strawberry Peach Cake- Josh has been drooling over this cake since he bought me Homemade Decadence for Christmas. Mission accomplished

The rest of the peaches have been eaten fresh in a variety of ways (sliced and tossed in a little balsamic to top avocado toast- divine), and I’m starting to slice and freeze the rest.

The dishes are killing me.

The Peach Truck will come through Cincinnati one more time in a few weeks, and I’m contemplating buying another bushel. I’m thinking some jams are necessary, and a pie, but does anyone have more fun ideas for a giant box of peaches?!

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