Every week we make a meal plan for the week ahead. The plan accounts for 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches (plus fruit), 4 snacks, and 5 dinners each for the two of us. Lunches are typically a double batch of whatever the recipe calls for. We make the lunches and do other prep work on Sunday. Nearly all items are purchased from either our local farmers market or Whole Foods. We live in Cincinnati, OH.

If your presents are a little late, now you know why
If your presents are a little late, now you know why


It’s the week of Christmas, and we’ve decided to celebrate in Cincinnati this year. The drive to Memphis (where I grew up) is just long enough that it’s a little too much this year. Sigh, it happens.

SO! We’re doing our own thing instead! We chose a lot of comfort foods this week, and then Josh started getting a cold yesterday so I made him some pretty amazing chicken noodle soup yesterday. Our Christmas day food isn’t traditional to us in any way, but who’s to say that some of these recipes won’t become new traditions in their own right? That’s part of the beauty of creating your own family: you get to choose the traditions.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah/best wishes to whatever else you observe.

I’m going to go celebrate the fact that the winter solstice was yesterday so now the days are finally getting longer! HOORAY!

December 21 – December 27






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