Spring Abundance Bowl


A few weeks ago, I made this recipe for the first time. Josh was home the day I made the radish pickles, but left town before he could actually eat one of the fully assembled bowls. All he got was the pleasure of listening to me rave about how delicious my lunch was every day.

He’s a lucky guy.

This past Sunday, we grabbed a variety of random spring produce at our newly opened farmer’s market (!) and brought it all home to think about how to incorporate it into our meal plan this week. This is a slightly different method than we usually use, going into the market with no list, just seeing what they have, but it worked out extremely well. After discussing a few options with asparagus, Josh brought up my lunch bowl that he missed out on, and I knew we had a winner.

One of the beautiful things about this recipe is how adaptable it is. This time, we had fresh tender lettuce, thin bright asparagus, and delicate baby sugar snap peas from the market, and added them all into the mix. Since I already had a jar of pickled radishes in the fridge from the last time, that part was easy as can be. We made the dressing with goat’s milk yogurt, since it doesn’t seem to make Josh’s allergies act up the way cow’s milk does, and added a good bit more lemon juice than the recipe calls for (this is pretty normal for my sour loving self).

Spring lettuce, quinoa (cooked in my usual way) tossed in lots of sea salt, lemon juice and some olive oil, grilled asparagus, sliced sugar snap peas, cubed avocado, thawed baby peas, and pickled radish slices, all topped in a tangy, creamy dill dressing?

Sign me up.

See the original recipe here at My New Roots, and adapt to your heart’s content.


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