Meal Plan: April 5-April 11

Every week we make a meal plan for the week ahead. The plan accounts for 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches (plus fruit), 4 snacks, and 5 dinners each for the two of us. Lunches are typically a double batch of whatever the recipe calls for. We make the lunches and do other prep work on Sunday. Nearly all items are purchased from either our local farmers market or Whole Foods. We live in Cincinnati, OH.

Easter lamb shanks and cake
Easter lamb shanks and cake!

April 5-April 11

A Monday post on a Monday! It’s an Easter miracle!

I hope everyone had  wonderful weekend. Ours was full of good food, daydreaming, and being bums, which is pretty much perfect in my book.

For Easter, we braised lamb shanks. This was our second year to do this recipe and I really think it might be our official Easter tradition. It’s mindblowingly good. The hardest part is the fact that your house smells amazing for hours before you can eat it, which is kind of a tease. Oh lamb, you’re just too good.

Total cost: Way too much. It was Easter.




  • Cobb Salad- lettuce, turkey, avocado, sprouts, sunflower seeds, croutons all with Caesar vinaigrette



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