Oven Poached Eggs

IMG_0308   Happy Friday! This week has been busy and mildly exhausting, so I’m more than looking forward to the weekend. I just wanted to write this suuuuuper quick post because it’s possibly the ultimate brunch discovery. See the above egg? It was “poached” in its shell, in the oven. What?! Even crazier, I cooked a few extras, stuck them in the fridge overnight, and then warmed them up in a bowl of warm water the next night and they were still perfect. Just think of what amazing brunches you could make if you could have perfectly poached eggs cooked days before?! I’m nearly giddy (which I recognize is a little odd to be about an egg, but whatever). This might even beat out 6 minute eggs as my favorite egg. For the full instructions, go over to Lady and Pups.

Have a great weekend!


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