Rosemary Focaccia BLT

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So this week’s tackling of yeast involved focaccia, and holy crap, it was amazing. Also, incredibly easy. No kneading, no worries. The recipe says you can let it rise in the fridge for anywhere for 8 hours to two days, and due to the way our schedules worked this week, I wound up letting it go for the full two days. In that respect, it’s perfect for serving when you have friends over for dinner, because most of the work is done days before.

My modifications included using half bread flour and half AP flour, since that’s what I had on hand, and I scattered chopped fresh rosemary over the top before baking (a step I highly recommend).

When it was still warm from the oven, I cut myself a piece, layered on some chipotle mayo, lettuce, bacon, and tomato, and then had a moment of silence to celebrate just how perfectly simple a good meal can be.

She recommends eating it all day of, which unless you’re feeding a large group, isn’t possible. I sliced the rest of the bread into individual servings, wrapped it in plastic wrap, placed it in a ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer. I have faith that it will make fantastic toast.

Here is the complete recipe: Saltie’s Focaccia 

Edited late to note: It really does makes fantastic toast, pulled from the freezer and toasted under a low broiler for a few minutes. I seriously want to always have some of this bread in my freezer. Perfect side for some soup, too!


12 thoughts on “Rosemary Focaccia BLT

  1. Glad this recipe worked for you (and I like your addition of the rosemary) . . . I “pinned” this recipe earlier today and plan to make it later this week.


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