Links I Want to Eat: June 13

Birthday cocktails and oysters
  • This grilled corn with scallion oil looks so easy and delicious
  • Did you know that you can make brownies from just Nutella and eggs? Really glad single ,20 year old me didn’t know this and just ate Nutella straight from the jar
  • Vegan oreos with coconut filling would be amazing dipped in homemade coconut milk 
  • These english muffins made from the genius behind Momofuku’s amazing desserts look sooooo good. Someone needs to make them for me
  • Joy the Baker is one of my favorites, and her coconut and pistachio ice cream is making me want to bust out our ice cream maker immediately
  • I’ve been meaning to buy some cachaca to make caipirinhas, so this grilled fruit and cachaca drink will be an easy addition
  • Any time I can make a semi healthy version of junk food, I’m happy, so these raw Bounty bars look like winners

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