Links I Want to Eat: June 6

Recent sunset view from our living room
Recent sunset view from our living room. Too bad you can’t see the cat trying to climb out of the open window
  • I think these are going to be my yeast project for this weekend. Plus, saying buttery buns is fun
  • I like the thought of using thai flavors with asparagus since we’ve been eating them so much
  • This hearty salad would be perfect for our work lunches one week
  • I want to eat all of this cake now that strawberries should be showing up at the market this weekend
  • More things to do with strawberries! Can you tell I’m excited about strawberries?
  • Braised short ribs + tacos= yes please
  • This gin and tonic bar would be so great for a summer party. I’d probably set out some St. Germaine as well
  • A use for strawberry stems, since we’ll obviously be eating so many
  • Pouring sizzling brown butter over raspberries or tomatoes to create amazing and easy dishes? I should buy 2 pounds of butter at the store for good measure

Have a good weekend!


5 thoughts on “Links I Want to Eat: June 6

  1. Ooh, fun links! I hope you have a fun cooking weekend.

    I love food52, but I’m a little on the fence about asparagus and thai flavor mixed. They don’t seem that they’d compliment each other well… Asparagus as such a unique flavor… I don’t know… On the other hand those braised rib tacos look like love at first sight. Definitely on my links to eat list, haha. And Hooray for la saison des fraises et gâteau aux fraises! Yum!

    Happy to have discovered your blog 🙂


    1. I know, I think the thai/asparagus thing is so crazy that it might work. Like barbecue nachos. Shouldn’t work, but it’s glorious.
      So glad you found the site! And so glad that through your comment I actually was able to put my many years of french class to use!


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