Soft Pretzels


So, I’m still working on my yeast fears. Josh decided to help me along by suggesting that I make soft pretzels.

My initial thought? You must be crazy. I mean, yeast, dough, hand kneading, hand shaping… Talk about out of my comfort zone! But since I have such a hard time saying no to him, I decided to jump in feet first and go for it.

The result? Amazing pretzels! And my house smelled like Auntie Anne’s! These were the ideal soft pretzels: slightly crunchy on the outside, soft and perfectly dense on the inside. Eating one right after pulling them out of the oven is practically mandatory. I still need to work on my shaping skills, but that just requires practice.

This was a win on soooo many levels. Plus, now I feel like I can tackle anything. So much baking in my future! Already planning next week’s experiment.

Until I have more experience with yeasty things, I’ll just keep posting links to the original recipes I use, since I definitely won’t be improvising, nor should I be the person you come to for technical questions. Unless your questions are more along the lines of the best way to eat them, in which case I have ideas. So many ideas.

So go here and learn how to make pretzels. You won’t regret it.


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